Your Personal Consultation

If you've watched a webinar, attended a workshop, or were referred, you are invited to schedule your free initial consultation. 


This is a time to chat, ask questions, discover opportunities and talk about what you need to do to successfully navigate the complex college planning process.


If our stealth planning system will benefit your student and your family, we'll show you how to get started. If it's not for you, having met with us will give you peace of mind you are on the right track.


We do encourage you to include your student in this session.

What families are saying

We went to a seminar where Cori from My College Authority was speaking and were very impressed. Our first child was about to go to college and we needed help. Cori was helpful and professional, and we felt comfortable asking questions.


Cori and her staff provided us with the tools to narrow down our search for schools and Cori suggested options we never would have considered on our own. With her broad knowledge of the college application process and financial guidance and planning, my daughter ended up finding the perfect school for her and for us!


Cori also gave us extra assistance since my husband is self-employed and we had extra forms to fill out. We loved that!

Tim & Colette Tidball

Thanks so much for such a great meeting today! I always wanted to have the support of a knowledgeable and trained, professional to help with the planning needs of our son and daughter. It was great to meet you!

Mark & Christy Battiato

Cori is the most knowledgeable college planning specialist around! Not only does she save families thousands ($40-$60K) on a college education, she is wonderful to work with. She truly has committed herself to helping students get a quality education, at a college they like, while saving the family thousands of dollars. If you have a student that is looking at going to college, you definitely should call Cori right away! 


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